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TMap is not the only world leading quality standard that Sogeti has produced. We have two more methods - TPI NEXT and PointZERO. TPI is focused at improving the quality of the testing process itself. PointZERO is aimed at improving quality troughout the whole Application Development Lifecycle.


Sogeti’s Test Process Improvement model – TPI NEXT® – reflects the changes in today’s business dynamics and technology developments. The model still provides a step-by-step guide to developing an insight into the relative maturity of an organization’s test processes, with recommendations for gradual and controllable improvement steps, but is now more closely aligned to meeting an organization’s business goals.

Testing is not a goal in itself but should support your business objectives. The TPI NEXT model offers the opportunity of using various business drivers, like time, costs, quality, etc. This enables your organization to focus a TPI NEXT assessment on specific business issues as recognized in your organization. TPI NEXT will address the possibilities of focusing on a specific business driver.

TPI NEXT offers a specific, balanced and correlated improvement path for your test organization. The TPI NEXT model also provides you with a better understanding of the correlation between your test process and adjacent processes. It will help discussing and addressing issues for improving the overall software process.

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The PointZERO vision

PointZERO® is our full lifecycle approach to reduce and eliminate defects at the source, mitigate risks and decrease or avoid costs, increase productivity and speed up time to market without sacrificing quality. It is an umbrella vision encompassing a shift in approach that goes across the application lifecycle model to reach business success.
PointZERO® is a vision aimed at increasing business success by parallel and step-by-step improvement across the application lifecycle to shorten time to market, avoid and reduce cost, eliminate risk and reach a fit for purpose quality.