Responsible IT


Previously I discussed concerns over developing ethical AI systems and used Microsoft’s chatbot Tay as an example.

A Tester’s Litmus Test


Testers nowadays are generally acknowledged as valuable members of an Agile or DevOps team.

From leadership to confidence


Since before prehistoric times people have always tended to organize themselves under leaders, from chieftains, kings and emperors to presidents.

Unethical AI


Recently there has been an increase in media attention given to unethical behavior by autonomous IT systems.

Zero touch – out of touch?


As the DevOps trend goes on and transformations are in full-swing I stumbled upon the zero touch trend.

Infrastructure testing


For most of my testing career I never needed to think about Infrastructure. It was simply “there” to make sure the actual test object could be functionally tested.

The key to SAP testing

9 key areas for testing SAP


Often when I introduce myself as a SAP test manager, I get the question: why are you a SAP test manager?

Building Block Bolognese


A Dutch poet, Riekus Waskowsky, once wrote a poem that translates to English like this:

Writing poetry is like cooking,


The shakedown test! (What?)


Last year, when I was in Australia, I visited a test team and one of the testers talked about the shakedown test. I hadn’t heard that one before (have you?).

TMap HD The Movie

TMap HD, the Movie


Sogeti in the Netherlands made a play of the first chapter of 'Neil's quest for quality', the TMap HD Story. 

Robot giving money

Test automation – cheaper then you think


Test automation is often perceived as  expensive or difficult. But it shouldn’t be. There is a lot of automation software that is easy to learn, cheap or even free to use.

Cat sees lion in mirror

A mirror for testers


The SogetiLabs team consists of a bunch of IT people with a wide variety of expertise and background. But due to the nature of our company testers are a significant part of it.


In search for lazy testers ...


Recognize this? It’s that time of the month again: time to regression test the monthly and quarterly batch jobs.


Test Levels? Test Types? Test Varieties!


When organizing testing, the test manager adhering to the traditional view on testing had to structure the testing activities in a hierarchical way, based on quality characteristics.