• Effective software testing in agile projects made easy. Read more

    Effective software testing in agile projects made easy

  • Our team of business developers has written an article called: "The adapatability of a perceptive tester" Download the article

    Article about adaptability

  • Ovum ranks the combined Sogeti and Capgemini Testing practice as the #1 for outsourced testing services. Read more

    Your number 1 in Testing

  • Download the TMap Life Cycle app in the App Store or Google Play now. Read more

    TMap Life Cycle App available

  • TMap NEXT Testing Clouds describes the cloud business model for testing, the evolution of business technology and steps the testing profession and Sogeti is taking in undertaking cloud projects. download your own copy

    TMap NEXT Testing Clouds

  • The TPI NEXT® model offers step-by-step improvement of your test processes. The model gives insight into the maturity of testing within your organisation and show you how to improve your test process. read more


  • TMap NEXT

  • "End-to-end Testing with TMap NEXT®" is based on extensive research of successful and less successful end-to-end test projects. The best practices have been translated into a book. read more 

    End-to-end Testing

  • This year the report reveals that organizations are struggling to manage the challenges of the mobile era, with only one-third (31 per cent) of those surveyed currently formally testing their mobile applications. The research found that many testing organizations are unable to address the new challenges, posed by the increasingly digitized environment due to a lack of the right resources, tools and methods. Yet, the ability to effectively test the quality of software applications has never been more critical to an organization’s reputation and operations. read more

    World Quality Report 2012-2013