TMap Life Cycle app

Download the TMap Life Cycle app from the App StoreGoogle Play and Microsoft Mobile Marketplace.

The app puts the TMap® Life Cycle in a central positions and explains what actions are needed in the different phases of the life cycle. It also gives you direct access to the checklists and templates.

Besides that there are various video's explaining test design techniques, the product risk analysis and determining the test strategy. Finally you can also use the app to download a number of our ebooks and papers. 




Download the TPI NEXT® app now on Google Play. TPI NEXT® for iOS coming soon.

The TPI NEXT® app offers the complete TPI NEXT® model in a useful app. All parts of the model can be explored with just one tap. The 16 key areas are all described including the various checkpoints that come with eacht key area. Also the maturity levels, the maturity matrix, thee improvement suggestions and the unique clustering are presented.

Besides that there is a section that shows you exactly what steps you have to take to improve your testing process.