Preparation Phase


To obtain, with the client’s agreement, a test basis that is of sufficient quality for designing the test cases. In order to determine this, a testability review of the test basis is carried out during this phase, which will provide insight into the testability of the system.

Method of operation

Once the test basis has been put at the disposal of the test team, a start is made on its intake. It is first examined whether the summarised information, of which the test basis consists, is still correct. If necessary, it is brought up to date in consultation with the client. During this examination, it may appear that all of the information is not yet available for the tester, or perhaps will not be arriving at all. In such a situation, a way must be found of obtaining the missing information.
When the test basis is clear, this is assessed from the testing perspective for e.g. consistency, understandability and completeness. Subsequently, on the basis of checklists, an assessment is made as to the extent to which the established test strategy and associated test (design) techniques are applicable. The conclusions are documented in a testability review report and discussed with the client. The results of this report may give rise to adjustments to the test basis, the test strategy and the test techniques to be employed.


The Preparation phase consists of the following activities:

  1. Collection of the test basis
  2. Creating checklists
  3. Assessing the test basis
  4. Creating the testability review report   

For more information on the activities in the Preperation phase please check the TMap NEXT book.


  • Consolidated test basis
  • Various checklists or one consolidated checklist for assessing the test basis
  • Test basis defects
  • Testability review report   


  • HICCUPP (Bach, J. (1996-2002), From his workshop Rapid Software Testing)
  • 18 Attacks by Whittaker and Jorgenson (Whittaker, J., Jorgenson, A. (2000), How to break software, proceedings Eurostar 2000)
  • Kaner’s 480 Bugs (Kaner, C., Falk, J., Nguyen, H.Q. (1999), Testing computer software, 2nd edition, Wiley, ISBN 0-471-35846-0)
  • Checklist for assessing the test basis (made and used in this phase)
  • “Test design techniques” checklist
  • Evaluation techniques  


  • Defect management tool