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Test Maturity Matrix tool

To support the assessment or audit on the current situation of testing a TPI-tool is available. This tool not only provides insight in strong or weaker points, it also provides improvement areas and activities. Furthermore the tool  supports decision making when it comes to the planning of the improvement road map: what to do first as the highest priority, what follows next, what are the dependencies?

The tool comes in different flavors, depending on the situation and environment at hand. The TPI NEXT tool also comes in different languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese (provided by Mrs. Dongmei Li and Mrs. Yuyang Liu from Neusoft, China) and Japanese (provided by Mr. Tsuyoshi Yumoto and Kazuo Yabuta). Guide lines and white papers are also available.  

For devops and other Agile environments: 

Background on the Agile TPI tool can be found in de Agile TPI Whitepaper.

For the more traditional environments and approaches, the TPI NEXT model is available:

Download the Key area oriented tool

per cluster one sheet with all checkpoints of that cluster

one sheet with a list of all checkpoints

per CMMi maturity level one sheet with all checkpoints that relate to that level

Any questions? 

The TPI tool also has a Japanese translation 

Any questions?

This manual was translated into Japanese by members of NPO ASTER Test Process Improvement Study Group, Nobuaki Mochizuki, Satsuki Urayama, Mayu Yoshizawa, Kentaro Ikeda, Yukiharu Hiromachi, Seiji Nosaka, Sanae Yamashita, Satomi Ogusu, Tsuyoshi Yumoto.

*Note: the benchmark is not yet available in the Japanese version.