Information security-based

Information security is aimed at guaranteeing the availability, exclusivity and integrity of all the forms of information with the purpose of securing the continuity of the organisation and limiting any consequences of security incidents to an acceptable level.

Coverage types are:

  • Authorisation
    • Checking the access to functions, applications, network, etc.
  • Authentication
    • Confirming the identity of the communicating party
  • Communication security
    • Checking that information only moves between authorised points without being diverted or intercepted
  • Data confidentiality
    • Checking unauthorised access of data
  • Data integrity
    • Checking the accuracy of the data and protects against unauthorised creation, amendment, deletion or replication
  • Non-repudiation
    • Checking the audit trail of the origin of data or the cause of events or actions
  • Privacy
    • Checking the protection of information that can be obtained by observing the network activities



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