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TMap is thé body of knowledge for professional testing.

The building blocks of TMap give you all the guidance you need to meet the testing and quality challenges in your specific information technology environment.

The TMap Buiding Blocks are process steps, documents or solutions that you can use for specific testing and quality challenges.

The way to use the building blocks is defined by the situation. In the TMap HD approach, the elements to applying the building blocks are:

  • Simplify – Apply the building blocks as simple as possible – but not more simple.
  • Integrate – Do not work on an island but work together with others as much as possible. 
  • Industrialize – re-use and use tools as much as possible. There are many tools (freeware and otherwise) to support your work.
  • People: to be able to apply the building blocks in different ways- great people are needed. They have to be able to deal with different circumstances and know what element applies best in those specific circumstances.

The goal of which is to induce the 5th element Confidence.

The key is – use the building blocks in such a way that creates success in your specific situation.