Experience based testing

What is experience based testing?

In TMap, the distinction is made between experience based and coverage based approaches.

Experience based testing makes use of the experience of an individual tester or of a group of testers. Please note that tester here indicates the role of testing, not necessarily a person that is dedicated to testing.

People involved

All people in a team can be involved in experience based testing. Different people will contribute different types of experience. An end-user for example will bring business- and process-knowledge. A tester will add testing skills.


Within experience based testing we distinguish various approaches (checklist, error guessing and exploratory testing). These have different artifacts. In general the artifacts are not very strict, since it’s all about applying the most suitable experience it’s logical that artifacts may vary in different situations.

Succes factors

Experience based testing heavily depends on the competences of the people involved (e.g. testing skills, domain knowledge). Therefore they work best when applied in collaboration between multiple people. Typically experience based testing is performed by small groups of 2, 3 or 4 people.